How does it work?
The unique design of the weighted buoy keeps the umbrella stable in both wind and waves, and the shade provides sun protection while floating freely in the water. The seven-foot beach-style umbrella is made from sturdy aluminum and covered in UV-rated fabric for “more fun, less sun” during water play. It fits precisely into the patent-pending buoy topped by a tray and five cup holders. It’s designed to be durable and withstand significant wind and wave turbulence without tipping.

What about wind?
You’d be surprised how wind works with an umbrella that’s actually in the pool, versus an umbrella on the patio. The Pool Buoy umbrella is significantly closer to the ground, and less wind is able to reach under the umbrella to whisk it away. Pool Buoy’s design lowers the center of gravity for the umbrella and has built-in friction points, making it fairly difficult for wind to lift the umbrella from the buoy. Of course, Mother Nature speaks her mind every now and then with a surprising gust. When it happens to us, we carefully grab the pole until the wind dies down. One way to prevent those gusts from getting the best of you is adjusting the height of the umbrella to a lower height.  Pool Buoy Plus Units also contain a wind vent and a Shade Loc that increase wind resistance also.

Does it float?
Yes! That’s the whole magic of the buoy design. The foam-filled table top with five cup holders and ballast keep the buoy upright even in wind and waves.

Won’t it tip over?
Not unless you wrestle it down, and even then, it will pop back up. The Pool Buoy is designed to withstand wind and waves. Dont’ believe us? Check out the videos on our website. It doesn’t even flinch when the waves are high enough to leap out of the pool.

How does the Pool Buoy offer sun protection?
The seven-foot beach-style umbrella blocks 95% of UVA and UVB rays, providing generous shade and helping block the sun’s harmful rays. Frequent reapplication of sunscreen is recommended when spending any time outdoors.

Is it easy to assemble?
Yes! Use our easy-to-follow instructions to assemble your Pool Buoy in four easy steps.

Does the Pool Buoy work in above-ground pools?
Yes! The Pool Buoy can float in any body of water with two or more feet.

Can I use the Pool Buoy with an umbrella I already own?
No, the Pool Buoy is made of all-custom parts to keep you, your family, and your pool safe. The umbrella is made of aluminum so it won’t rust in your pool, too.

Can I use the Pool Buoy in salt water?
Yes! You can use the Pool Buoy anywhere there is two feet of water. After use in salt water and to prevent natural algae growth, we recommend gently scrubbing the buoy, arm, and weight with a standard sponge or scrubber and natural water, or you can use a standard household bleach solution to spray on the buoy as well.

Why does my buoy fill with water?
It’s designed to! When you pull your buoy out of the water, expect for some water to drain from the sides of the buoy.

Does the umbrella tilt?
The umbrella is fully adjustable up and down on the pole.  However, the umbrella doesn’t tilt, or else it would capsize.  The entire unit is balanced in the center with the weight.  The full range of adjustment up and down the pole helps considerably with your ability to control where the shadow from the umbrella is located.  We recommend the umbrella be adjusted up to about 8 inches from the top of the group’s tallest person’s head.  Snug, but comfortable provides the best shade we’ve found.