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It's Fall Already

Fall means changing leaves, cooler breezes, boots and scarves. Or at least I can imagine that is what it means to everyone except for those of us who live in South Texas - where the season seems to have been delayed to begin just before Halloween. But regardless of the weather, Fall marks the back to school, traffic and grind routines are in full swing. And there isn’t a holiday on the horizon for months to come. This is both a blessing and a curse. If you haven’t begun to close up your pool for the season, the time has probably come. For us, that means the Pool Fence comes down and the Catch-A-Kid net goes on. And although I...

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Pool Buoy's Heart

Happy Blog Wednesday!  Many of you may not realize, but the Pool Buoy is a small family business that is still less than a year old! We are proud of where we are headed but each day we are still small enough that each employee knows why we exist and where the heart of the Pool Buoy lies. I wanted to share that with you today. My paternal Grandfather died of a melanoma that suddenly appeared on his head which killed him in a matter of months. My maternal Grandfather had a melanoma years later – which my father first noticed – and he survived. The fear of skin cancer is very real in my family. My father routinely gets...

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Rashguard Babies Everywhere!

While on vacation this Summer, I looked around and I swear, probably 80% of the children I saw were in rashguard swimsuits. Maybe you don’t even realize that is the name of the swimsuit you bought your kids. A rashguard is the name of the longsleeved swimshirts that have taken over the swimwear lines of every major store in the country.  At first, it seems a little odd to buy your kid a turtleneck to go swimming in – maybe even old fashioned.  But it brings simplicity to a parent’s life, having one less thing to stress over while you are trying to enjoy and relax by the water. The idea of only having to worry about applying sunscreen to a face, two...

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