Nuts & Bolts of the Pool Buoy

How we help  - The Pool Buoy solves the problem of blazing sun during water play with Shade On Demand.  The Pool Buoy is an easy to carry floating tabletop that takes less than 1 minute to fully assemble and use for pop-up shade.  If you've ever loathed your deep end for wasting space in your backyard - you're in luck.  The Pool Buoy frees up that dead space to create the perfect place to float in peace, and in the shade while the people with more energy (we'll call it) splash about in the shallow end.  You can also easily tote it along to your favorite boating cove or channel for some relaxing shade in the water.  Don't worry, when a wake hits the Pool Buoy it just bobs along. You may lose a drink if they come too close up, but your shade will remain.  

Who is buying? The Pool Buoy appeals to a wide variety of people.  Whether it's a parent who is trying to help their child reduce sun exposure or a person who has suffered pain from skin cancer affecting themselves or a loved one, the Pool Buoy is a no-brainer for people in these categories.  But aside from those people who have a skin protection at top-of-mind, there are also playful people who are just HOT in the summertime.  And the Pool Buoy answers their prayers as well.

Why we help - The Pool Buoy was created to solve a common backyard problem.  The Sloan's had a pool, but also had sensitive skin and a disposition to skin cancer.  In researching the available options for shade, none of them were quite flexible (or inexpensive) enough to suit their needs.  They genuinely wanted to be able to have shade, wherever and whenever.  How could that be so hard?  How could that not exist!? But it didn't, so Jeremy Sloan set out to build it.  Not an engineer, but a true tinker-er, Jeremy and his buddy Matt Lucero (an actual engineer)were relentless in their efforts to create their vision of floating shade. Many months later they'd done it, and now have successfully patented this simple but truly revolutionary product and concept.  Thankfully, everyone can now have Shade On Demand.

Products - 

The Pool Buoy Original - This product was the first brought to market by Shade Science.  The floating tabletop is designed to hold 38 pounds afloat and has five oversized cupholders in a classic all-white design.  The Pool Buoy Original comes with two umbrella colors - either a bold Pacific Blue or a simple Oyster White.  Both umbrellas are made of a durable fabric expected to last two summer seasons with color and are lined with a  UV blocking coating.  If you're one to look for the best value, this is it!  The Pool Buoy Original has exceptional quality materials used in all processes and a customer service attitude to match.

The Pool Buoy Plus - This product was launched in February 2016 as a follow up product to make the Original even better.  The Pool Buoy added trendy new umbrella styling, improved the tabletop to be a custom color to suit your umbrella color selection and added a ShadeLoc to help secure the umbrella to the tabletop if a wind gust surprises you.

Drink Buoy - This product was right under our noses all along and we didn't even realize it.  The tabletop of the Pool Buoy makes the best drink caddy on the market - so we're selling it separately and call it, the Drink Buoy.  The Drink Buoy comes in Gray, Cream and White and is priced comparatively to the other drink caddy options on the market.  It's made of a high-quality harder plastic and filled with enough foam to hold up 38 pounds.  Let's just say that's plenty to keep your favorite drinks afloat. If you are looking for your drinks to be at your fingertips, and high and dry, this is for you.

Pool Buoy Leash - by popular demand, we've created a custom leash to keep the umbrella at arm's length at all times.  This velcros around your wrist or favorite float, like a boogie board tether, and loops over the umbrella to keep now more than 2-3 feet between you and your Pool Buoy.


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