Confessions of a Sales Girl: The Truth Behind My Smile

So I am sitting in Indianapolis this morning.  It is 5 degrees outside and I am starting to think about the tradeshow and how people will react, etc.  And then I start crying.  And then I wrote this.

I love talking about Pool Buoy and sharing how the product works and can change the way you relax in the water on sunny days.  All of that is very fun for me to see people's joy in their reaction.  It really makes me so lucky to be so passionate about something and share it with other people!  But it stings a little bit for me.  It stings because each time I see someone's eyes kinda glaze like "what will they think of next" and maybe nod or eye roll me, I swallow hard and I share my story.  And that's hard.  Because reminding yourself that you have always believed that you are going to die of skin cancer and that your dad is probably going to die of skin cancer in a near future is a hard thing to have to think about over and over when you are trying to education people that why your product isn't gimmick. Pool Buoy was not a product derived in a boardroom; we are not some big corporation trying to flip a buck without care to quality or whether it even works or not.  It's me, and it's my husband who created it and it's my kids.  And every time that I share my story of why this product was developed, it makes me remember my own mortality.  And my dad's mortality.  And how even though skin cancer is the most easily prevented cancer that it places so much weight on me to know that.  To know that if I don't go in for my semiannual appointment that I might miss something.  Or if I am not watching my skin closely enough that I won't notice a change in the shape of something - and I have 50 somethings to watch all the time.  So if I ever tell you my story, you'll see me stop and reflect for a second right before I share it.  I'm just taking a breath. And I will tell my story in the most chipper and light tone I can muster up.  I will passionately tell you about how the ability to take shade with me anywhere and use the water with less guilt makes me endlessly happy. For me, it changed the way I am able to enjoy myself in the water.  And I couldn't be more thankful to share that part of my story and perhaps bring some peace to your world too.

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