Introducing - the Drink Buoy!

Hot Tub Fun

Hello Friends!  I want to introduce you to someone.  Drink Buoy - Friends.  Friends - Drink Buoy.  Drink Buoy was created by YOU, our fans! It was all just your great idea!  Because the tabletop of the Pool Buoy does such a fantastic job of floating along and keeping your drinks safe, you thought of using it all alone.  So here it is, the Drink Buoy. The Drink Buoy brings something to the table that has never been done!  It is a sturdy and durable material.  So you won't have to replace this caddy year after year.  And guess what else? It isn't priced much more than the drink trays which are made of a lesser quality material.  Don't take my word for it - Google It.  It comes in three colors - cream, gray or white.  Fancy... I know. Drink Buoy is a great addition to your hot tub or your friend's hot tub!  And if you already have a Pool Buoy - get excited - you can just throw your tabletop in the hot tub all by itself and you've got a Drink Buoy too.  Super economic.  Turns out you got two products in one! Enjoy Friends!  And post some pictures to social media so we can get some pictures of the Drink Buoy holding some yummier hot tub drinks!


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