Pool Buoy's Heart

091615 Photo Grandfather Happy Blog Wednesday!  Many of you may not realize, but the Pool Buoy is a small family business that is still less than a year old! We are proud of where we are headed but each day we are still small enough that each employee knows why we exist and where the heart of the Pool Buoy lies. I wanted to share that with you today. My paternal Grandfather died of a melanoma that suddenly appeared on his head which killed him in a matter of months. My maternal Grandfather had a melanoma years later – which my father first noticed – and he survived. The fear of skin cancer is very real in my family. My father routinely gets his skin checked, as do I. Routinely checks can lead to catching odd looking moles early and having them removed so that they never have the chance to evolve into something scarier. I have had several dysplastic (pre-cancerous) molds removed. But each time I leave my dermatologist’s office I am so happy they are gone. Each one gone means that there is one less thing to worry about. I am actually thankful that I have the family history to help me protect myself and my family actively when we are outdoors. When we developed the idea for the Pool Buoy, it was from a place of love for our children and for our friends and family who were sharing pool time with us. And now, thanks to the support we’ve received from our buyers this year we are able to continue to spread the word of our product and skin safety with you. So whenever you hang out under your Pool Buoy – pat yourself on the back – you’re doing something good for yourself and those you love.

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