Rashguard Babies Everywhere!

While on vacation this Summer, I looked around and I swear, probably 80% of the children I saw were in rashguard swimsuits. Maybe you don’t even realize that is the name of the swimsuit you bought your kids. A rashguard is the name of the longsleeved swimshirts that have taken over the swimwear lines of every major store in the country.

 At first, it seems a little odd to buy your kid a turtleneck to go swimming in – maybe even old fashioned.  But it brings simplicity to a parent’s life, having one less thing to stress over while you are trying to enjoy and relax by the water. The idea of only having to worry about applying sunscreen to a face, two hands and legs is a winner every time.

 Kids hate standing still for sunscreen application – parents hate the idea of their kid being a miserable lobster at the end of the day – so, voila! – a perfect solution! But it wasn’t always this easy. Due to my thick family history of skin cancer, and my dermatologists warnings to take care of my childrens' skin, we had no choice but to wear rashguards.

 So in 2011, I set out to find the most coverage in a baby swimsuit I could find.  The ONLY UV-protective rashguard for babies online was from UV Skinz, and they had three patterns.  But that’s what my sweet little girl wore that summer, along with her zinc.

 Yes, I’m paranoid and she looked different. There were no other children at the water at that time sporting so much clothing. But since then, it seems that mainstream retailers have caught on and now put them out in full force!  I am so pleased that now I can buy a UV protective swimsuit almost anywhere I would normally go for my children’s clothing. So when you pack up your swimwear, as summer is ending for some of you, you can now remember how thankful we should be to the manufacturers who realized moms and dads everywhere love sun protection for their kiddos, and be grateful for the mainstreaming of the “rashguard."

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