Free Sunscreen? Yes, Please!

So how many times have you packed up your gear to go to the play in your favorite place and realized you’ve not packed your sunscreen! It’s a terrible feeling!  Because most the time you have to make a terrible decision – purchase the sunscreen for sale nearby – (which of course will charge you three times the normal price) – or else, wing it! That’s right. I mean, cross your fingers that today that blazing sunshine won’t see you.  We’ve all done it.  But something really cool is happening – and in some rather unexpected places.  What do Tuscon, ArizonaMiami, FloridaBoston, MassachusettsPittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Dover, New Hampshire all have in common?  They are leading the pack in sun safety!  All of these cities have free sunscreen dispensers at beaches, pools or parks!  Now that’s cool!  Some of the dispensers are the result of non-profit organizations supporting sun safety and awareness.  But in Miami, they were actually installed by the City.  Last year, the Surgeon General issued a call to action urging local governments to consider skin cancer a major public health issue.  And it looks like some places are really take note and taking action!  In a place with as many sunshine hours as San Antonio, this definitely seems like a topic that would be ripe for discussion as a way to protect our citizens and show our tourists we are leading the way in sun safety!


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