The "Why" Behind Pool Buoy: Erica Sloan's Story

Erica Sloan, wife of Pool Buoy inventor Jeremy Sloan, shares her personal story, and a behind-the-scenes look at the importance of the Pool Buoy in her own life. “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” ~ English Proverb This phrase has been echoed by so many of the people I have shared our story with, and it is so very true for our product. My husband invented the first floating pool umbrella. But honestly, it was because we wanted to just buy something inexpensive to shade me in the water and allow me to move around freely while staying shaded– but that didn’t exist. My family has a pretty thick history of skin cancer. Both grandfathers have had a melanoma – and one even passed away as a result of it. I routinely have my skin checked and have suspicious moles removed, because I had a dysplastic mole removed from my forehead when I was 21. If that mole had stayed and progressed into a melanoma, I would have the customary 6-inch by 1-inch scar along my hairline – which would have been disfiguring, and that is assuming I would have survived long enough to care. Needless to say, it has all been a wake up call for me. And now, I have two daughters, so I take their skin health very seriously. That weight is also constantly resting on me. But as I have shared this product with friends and family, I realized that although my special situation has made me extremely heightened in my sun awareness and protection – this is not just something that people with skin cancer backgrounds care about. It is universally cared about. Whether it is protecting your child from a sunburn, sun damage, freckles, or even just trying to keep your own wrinkles at bay – everyone would rather be out of the sun if they have the choice. And now we do. The Pool Buoy will be the perfect place to socialize in your favorite body of water. And the fact that you’re acting responsibly by being in the shade is something you can write home to mom about. We anticipate lifeguards, moms, dads, water-enthusiasts, retirees, reformed sun-worshippers, and skin cancer survivors will all have their time in the water made better, because now, spending time in the water doesn’t necessarily mean spending time in the sun. Happy Floating, from Erica!

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