Our Shade-tastic Press Release!

February 23, 2015  On Monday, February 16, 2015, we sent off our exciting press release to our contacts, and through a web-based press release venue. We're obviously excited to talk about the opportunity for everyone to have their own Pool Buoy, but we're also excited to share the truly personal story of how this neat invention came about. Read below our first "official" Pool Buoy press release. ----- San Antonio, TX – February 16, 2015 – Shade Science, LLC announces an idea so bright, it shades the sun, with its launch of the Pool Buoy, the first and only floating pool umbrella. The seven-foot beach-style umbrella, made from aluminum and covered in UV-rated fabric, fits precisely into the patent-pending buoy. The specially designed weighted buoy is stable in both wind and waves, and the floating umbrella provides sun protection while floating freely in the pool. Shade Science, LLC was founded in 2014 in San Antonio, Texas, but the idea for the Pool Buoy began in 2012. Founder Jeremy Sloan and his wife, Erica, purchased a home with a swimming pool and began spending more time poolside with their young daughters. With a strong family history of skin cancer, Sloan was inspired to create a tool that allowed his family to enjoy their time in the pool more responsibly. Sloan spent years refining the design, and with the help of industrial designer Matthew Lucero, the first Pool Buoy prototype was manufactured in January 2015. “We built the Pool Buoy as a tool to reduce my family’s sun exposure,” said Sloan, Pool Buoy creator. “Once we started, we realized it was something that could benefit a wider audience. Whether you are hanging out with friends, unwinding alone, or having a family day at the pool, Pool Buoy is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the pool.” The Pool Buoy is designed to be durable. The umbrella’s pole is made of aluminum to prevent rust. Heavy duty ABS plastic was specifically chosen for the main components because it will hold up to a pool’s chlorinated environment. The buoy is stabilized by a plastic-coated underwater weight, and withstands significant wind and wave turbulence without tipping. The entire unit weighs less than 15 pounds, and is designed to assemble in seconds. The unit can be disassembled and stored as needed. The Pool Buoy is available with umbrellas in two colors: royal blue and gardenia white. “I am still shocked that this didn’t already exist,” said Erica Sloan, Director of Sales for Shade Science. “I think this product will especially resonate with moms, helping them actually relax in the pool.” The company will launch a 45-day Kickstarter pre-sales campaign on Monday, February 16, 2015, to aid in purchasing one more mold and meeting manufacturing commitments. They expect to deliver the first products in late Spring 2015.

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